Baiyon「Like a school on lunch time」(besr008)

販売価格 2,000円(税込2,200円)
型番 besr008

品番 : besr008
レーベル : Brain Escape Sandwich Rec.
フォーマット : CD

[Track List]
1. under the bridge
2. playground at dusk
3. atin
4. leave at the bottom
5. over and over
6. practice for float
7. tea time
8. decide on
9. action(was right)
10. had a new friend
11. the day before in a sleeper
12. multistory parking
13. play marriage
14. on the road
15. return(there was a daily life)

Baiyon lovingly tortures childhood memories with red-hot iron tweezers; dishing up nasty lunchtime nutrition that energizes body and soul with super fuzzy pop sound; you can live on it.
-hans fjellestad(映画「MOOG」監督)

“Like a school on lunch time” bursts off your speakers like a blast of joy-
Crunchy tunes in the key of 1 and 0, Radio ga-ga, frickin' punk rock!
Just enough to make your day.
- stephan mathieu(Orthlorng Musork/headz)

Baiyon has found his own unique sound world to inhabit, and I enjoy visiting there.
Check out ''atin'' and ''multistory parking'' for extra fun and frolic, and enjoy the grit,
grime, crackle and crunch.
- Carl Stone

Dericious, crunchy snacks of salty/sweet melody.
- Christopher Willits(12k/Ghostly International/PLOP)


copyright BRIDGE INC.